Thursday, 1 August 2013

An New English Summer

It's actually very hot out for the UK. I used to live in a hot climate but the difference was it was the desert and its usually not humid with the added bonus of cool nights. But here in the UK, its just sticky. I'm not really complaining, just noticing that the weather lately has been more like New England than England.

Today I spent time gardening. I trimmed the edges on the path, around the garden bedding areas, pruned the trees, weeded the bedding plants and swept up the path. It was hugely satisfying. The back garden needs a crap ton of work doing it but there are far too many trees covering it and there's hardly any sunlight in it. Its not the most cheerful of places. When I have to deal with that garden, it is through gritted teeth.

So far, I am immensely enjoying the time off from work. Its so nice not getting up at 6:30am and walking 3 miles to work. Actually the truth be told, the walk to work isn't that bad...its the 6:30am wake up that kills me. The walk to work usually is a time of reflection and feeling calm plus my son normally walks with me for part of the journey.

I have been doing more creative pursuits, photos to follow. I hope this summer doesn't fly by too I really am enjoying the time now.

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