Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Time goes slowly, so slowly (When de-cluttering)

I'm one of those people that sometimes gets overwhelmed by “stuff”. One of the things about having a house with decent space is that “stuff” accumulates. A. Lot. This really grates on my nerves and one of my big hair brained ideas was to actually de-clutter this summer. I had all these intentions of starting with my son's room first and gradually moving onto to other rooms upstairs. Clearly only a tiny amount of de-cluttering has happened. And I mean a tiny amount.

I have managed to get my son to sort out his tiny closet. He has put all his cars that he has collected over the years (cars in boxes, corgis, cars never been played with, etc.) into one box. It is nice, it is ordered...and less frantic. We cleared out his old school uniform and replaced with new ones that actually fit. We went uniform shopping today and you can imagine the fun and excitement that is with a teenager. He had shirts in there from when he first entered school 4 years ago. Small steps people but getting there. I listed 3 shirts on ebay that are still in excellent condition. I don't know if they will sell or not but it would be nice to actually make some money. How do people make money off of ebay? Is there a trick? Am I missing something? I feel like such a novice when it comes to these things.

He has cleared out his sock and underwear drawer. He got 7 pairs of socks today with days of the week on them. I wonder if he will wear them on the corresponding days or if the novelty will wear off. Who knows? He's 15...I was nuts when I was that age. Off my trolley completely. Socks to be binned...old school uniforms to charity. It hardly seems worth listing them on ebay as you can be new for £1! 
Is it worth listing or not? Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I want to tackle the problem of under his bed next. I'm sure that he has stock of Thomas the Tank die cast models and those would sell on ebay. If they are not under his bed, are they in the loft? I don't know...I never venture in there these days. I know the other half keeps his collection of tools and assorted man stuff up there. All I know is summer is almost gone and I still have “stuff” that needs sorting out. Is it mission impossible? Does anyone else have dreams of de-cluttering their home and life?


  1. I am so behind. I wanted to have my home on the market but we have been hit by a ton of setbacks (illness). I have nowhere to put stuff i am keeping. I have to remind myself i am making progress but not as much as I would like....and i have this clock ticking and I dont work.well under pressure.....

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. I don't work well under pressure either so like you, things happen slower than I would like things to happen. As you said, you are making progress, I will as well. The thing I came to the conclusion is all because I'm back at work doesn't mean the decluttering has to stop, it just means I'll have to continue it when I can. I'll get there eventually.