Friday, 9 August 2013

Seaside and Yarn

It was very good to get away from our home and look at some other four walls for a change. We went to the seaside and all the trash that goes along with that. I'm glad to be back home now as the bed was about 10 inches wide and the mattress stuffed with straw and nails not to mention to stench of 10 stag night parties in one room.

There was a lot of people everywhere and we would prefer somewhere more tranquil and less congested in the future. We did the usual tourist golf, fish and chips by the sea, museums and one castle visit. We did a crap ton of walking and even managed to get t-shirt burns tans.

I started knitting a cardigan for myself and as usual, didn't do a tension square and after completing the back, I realised it was going to be WAY too big. I never learn, do I? So I have started again. Just as well, I don't grow attached to stuff that easily and don't have any qualms about starting over. I would have given up knitting a long time ago if that was the case.

I did miss my own cooking...we ate very simple food on our holiday. At one café, a river of grease flowed out of my beef burger and some child at another table threw up so that was a memory I'd wish to forget. I guess that's the main problem with holidays, things can be hit and miss.

The good things were the friendly staff at a local yarn shop...yeah, yeah, I know you can't take us any where. The weather was decent. The walks were relaxing. No one killed anyone and we still love one another. I guess that's an accomplishment with a teenager on holiday. I was never, ever young.

Waiting to be blocked and buttons to be added
Finished, waiting for more photos for folksy
While we were on holiday, my other half crocheted 3 cushion covers...two need buttons but are nearly complete.  I know some people go to the pub on a night, we stay in and knit and crochet...even on holiday.  I'm sure you are thinking we are all kinds of crazy now, aren't you? We are slowly in the process of transferring over to Folksy so you can find our shop over there.  Here are some pictures of the nearly complete cushion covers.
Waiting to be blocked with buttons to be added


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