Thursday, 15 August 2013

Green Chairs and Satchel

The past two days I've been sanding and painting the dining room set. I've done all six chairs and just have the dining room table to do. I say that like its a five minute job but its actually much, much harder work than that. I've managed to sand my thumb in the process as well. It is a constant reminder of being more on the ball when working on projects. The chairs are bright green.  My other half said he wanted a colour that would stand out and be bold.  He got that alright. 

I am happy with the progress so far but drained, exhausted, tired, and anything else that is tiresome from all the work. How do people do that all day? It would kill me, seriously.

My other half, on the hand, has been crocheting and piecing together a satchel for me. Here it so far: 
Still needs blocking, buttons and strap

I will make the lining for it. We need buttons and it needs to be blocking to prevent curling but I'm happy with the progress so far. It will be my unique bag, a one of a kind and handmade. How much better can you get that than that? Screw this mass produced, cheaply made consumer society!

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