Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Table, chairs and Cornelia Parker

I've been thinking a lot about crafts and art. I recently watched a documentary on the bbc iplayer about Cornelia Parker. I found it interesting that she would formulate these ideas and then take her projects to crafts people to make her ideas into a reality. She would talk about they knew what they were doing and how she trusted them. It made me wonder if at what point was it was a craft or a piece of Art. What is Art because of the concept behind it? Who knows. It just gave me food for thought.

In the meantime, my other half has finished piecing together my satchel and I know have to sew on the buttons. I bought my buttons from a local shop that has nearly opened up. I recently bought some fabric there and made myself a smock top. By mere coincidence, I was wearing it the day I went in to buy the buttons and she recognised the fabric instantly and gave me a compliment. I left the shop feeling very happy!

Here are some pictures of my (nearly) finished satchel. Isn't it gorgeous?
Blocked and waiting for buttons
I also finished painting the dining set. Here it is:
Cushion Covers to be added, other half making those currently
I'm still knitting and decided NOT to do a lace pattern for my cardigan I am making and I am making a cable design instead. I'm pleased with the results thus far. Yes, yes, yes...I need photos of that as well. I have been doing it for the past three nights while watching the LOTR trilogy on Film4. Daydreaming a fair bit in between...that happens.

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