Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Autumn Colours and Summertime

Life has been fairly quiet in the past week. For starters, I have finished work until September. (Definitely one of the perks of working in a school) This is great news as it means having free time to pursue my hobbies. I say this as I look forward to having this time to myself all year. It has meant I can do things in my own time as opposed to finding the energy and motivation after a long day at work.

I've made myself a new top with the fabric I told you about. It is definitely in need of a wash now...the fabric has a strange smell, more likely the dyes in the material. Its a simple smock top. I did a dummy version with some cheap material for another version of a top but I don't like the way the pleats hung so I decided on something different. I'm so glad that I decided to make a dummy version with cheap material first rather than risk ruining the new fabric. I still have my beautiful Liberty fabric, which is dress material...so thinking about dress possibilities.

The other half has spent hours blocking and took new photos of his latest work. I'm thinking of trying etsy or folksy to sell his stuff as the shop seems hard to reach. This isn't a site search for shops and it lacks other useful features. Here's a taster of some of his latest work:
Autumn Leaves Cushion

Browns, Greys, Red Cushion

Grey Skies Cushion

I would like some of it to sell but so far, nothing. Yesterday, in a certain chain store, I saw some cushion covers with Autumn colours so maybe some of his cushion covers with Autumn colours will sell. They are some of my favourites but sadly, not the same colour scheme as our house. Maybe if we move, we can rethink our colour schemes. Downstairs we have blues and red and browns. Who knows?


  1. I can't see why they wouldn't sell, try etsy and folksy again and maybe ebay. Now is DEFINITELY the time to start selling autumn colors.

    1. That is very kind of you. I think some of the problem is that the tictail site isn't very user friendly. Its impossible to find anything unless you know the direct link to the shop you want. We decided to give tictail a trial run then try folksy. What are your experiences like with that? Sorry for the slow response, we were on holiday!!!