Friday, 16 August 2013

A Sneak Preview

This week has been mainly preoccupied with painting the dining room chairs and table. I had to sand them down and then paint them. All that is left is for the furniture to be reassembled and the room put back to its original state.

It is a very bright green. Here's a sneak peek at the nearly finished project.
One chair!
Table minus its top!

Another chair with tape to prevent a mess!
I have to say knitting has been largely put on hold this week on account of this very time consuming project. So far I think the effort has been worth it. Good bye dull cream, hello vibrant green! I'm pretty sure my parents won't really like the colour but I'm not seeking their approval...its my dining room and believe it or not, I'm a big girl now.

Next crocheted cushion covers for the chair. Current ones are a pale yellow and pale green. Pale, pale, pale. Not really my cup of tea. Those will be made by the other half. He's nearly finished my satchel as well. Moving forward, always tired!

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