Sunday, 1 September 2013

Pleats and (Lack of) Waistlines

At the start of the school holidays, I began sewing a top from the Stylish Dress Book. It is a Japanese import book as lately I've had trouble finding sewing patterns I like, not to mention the crazy prices. One pattern I loved, then managed to cut the pattern too small and we all know this has everything to do with the expanding midriff, shrinking waistline and ever increasing my head I still have the same body I had 10 years ago and of course, this is wrong, wrong, wrong. The outcome was the pattern is no longer suitable/usable for my size and I ruined a perfectly good piece of fabric. So when I saw this book at one of my favourite haunts, I was immediately impressed by the loose fits and dresses that would hide a multitude of sins. Since buying this book, I've made a pink smock top and then finished this one off today.

This top was a total pain...make no bones about it. It was a stretchy fabric and on more than one occasion, my sewing machine decided to chew it for lunch. The biggest problem was the neckline. The original neckline called for three big pleats and well, they looked like crap on me. So then I tried an off-centre pleat, it made me look like I was carrying three tyres up front. Finally, I decided on lots of pleats. I got my inspiration from this etsy shop. Her clothes are amazing...hats off to her. I love her waif like designs but you know what? I'm not skinny any more.

Here is the finished top. Along with a close up of the neckline.

Nice fabric but a pain to sew
A close up the neckline...a lot of work but worth it.

I'm getting some Kaffe Fassett fabric soon and I know what I want to make out of that, but that will be a surprise. I still have too many unfinished projects...I think that's the norm for me. I have lots of ideas that need to be documented, dated and maybe then it would be the kick up the butt I need. Anyone else have these problems? 

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