Sunday, 22 September 2013

Cable borders

I'm not really a huge fan of television. There is a lot of stuff on telly now that does not interest me at all. However, last night there was a film on telly that I quite enjoyed. It was a golden opportunity for me to sit feeling calm and focus on my knitting.

Remember the cardigan I wanted to knit a lace panel into and then decided against it? Well, in the end I decided on a cable pattern going down the sides. I've finished a bit, sleeves still need to be done. It needs to be blocked and pieced together. But here is a picture of the cable pattern so you can get some idea of what it might look like:
Remember it hasn't been blocked yet...
The weather today is gorgeous. Bright, clear, crisp day. I spent a few hours gardening today. It might be the last time before the tedious job of pruning things back, raking endless leaves and removing the old flowers in the flower bed. I feel refreshed. Last night I slept very well...where has the weekend gone?

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