Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Maker's Fair!

The past two weekends have been spent enjoying the Saltaire Festival. Last weekend was the Maker's Fair. Its probably one of my favourite events of the year in this year. There was lots of beautiful prints, cushion covers, ceramic pots and other lovingly handmade crafts. It was exciting to meet the makers themselves and appreciate their work.

One of the women I was impressed with was a weaver, Chrissie Freeth. I loved the colours of her beautiful cloth and I fully intend to buy some buttons from her in the foreseeable future! I always like the idea of having a loom and being able to make my own fabric. I remember years and years ago, I worked in a summer camp in Vermont and they had looms and I was thinking how great it would be to learn to use a loom and then how disappointed I was when I found out the person that ran that craft was absent that one year! 

Rachel Johns had some incredible quirky art as well. I love the boobs on things! I got a Christmas card that I know I will have trouble posting off as I love the art on it. Maybe it will find its way into a frame for all to appreciate in my house.

The Print Project also had some quirky post cards and wonderful designs. I bought a collection of postcards to add to my collection. I have some albums of postcards I collected over the years. Some from family and friends, some I just love and others to mark significant moments in my life. However, since the Internet, I seldom collect or receive postcards any more. What a shame!

If you ever have the chance, I would recommend a visit to the Maker's Fair!

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