Sunday, 8 September 2013

Back to Work with a Bump!

I am back at work now its the end of summer. This always causes me a bit of anxiety and tiredness. I try to avoid it but it always happens, no matter how carefully I try to adjust to new sleeping patterns. I'm not a morning person...I find getting up early difficult and even the walk to work just about wakes me before I get to work. Its a 3 mile walk. That should tell something about my zombie state most early mornings.

The weather has suddenly changed here in the past few days. It did nothing but rain all day Friday and it was actually cold. Saturday was dry but still bitter. I walked my son to his guitar lesson and we had a chat about life and the meaning of the universe as normal. We put the world to rights and then quickly forget our solutions on arrival home. However, that walk was punctuated with talk about the cold wind and what a shock it was to the system.

On a positive note, I finished the lining on the satchel my other half crocheted for me. Its beautiful and unique. I'm very happy with it. Its a wool blend with a cotton lining so I will only hand wash this and let it air dry. Its actually pretty hard wearing. Here's a picture for your viewing pleasure:
Inside view of lining

Closed with buttons
I finally got my colouring pencils from the States. All 72 of them. Beautiful ones indeed. So no excuses, I can get on with some art. I also got my beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabric as well. When we were in Liberty over the holiday, they had some there and I won't even tell the price per was not in my budget!

So yes, lots of project in mind. One tunic dress to be made with new fabric. Portrait of other half to be completed. Cardigan to be finished. 

On the plus side, I'm not ill. All last night, my body ached all over, even my wrists and this is never a good sign. I was convinced that I managed to catch some nasty bug this weekend or from work. However, last night I slept like the dead and feel like myself once again. I think its just Arthur again screwing around my joints and the excess rain we had on Friday triggered a return visit from him. It made me realise that the weather had dry and warm for so long, I was living without pain for most of the summer. Oh the joy of winter coming...grumble, grumble, grumble.

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