Sunday, 14 July 2013

Up and Down

This past week was not the best week. I had a job interview for an internal position where I currently worked. To cut a long story short, I didn't get the job. I felt like I had my teeth kicked in while I was down on the ground. I felt like I spent the aftermath in days of confusion, anger, disappointment and frustration. It has taken me until today for the mood to have lifted.

I wanted to be more positive and upbeat, feel a sense of achievement and have that push forward that I needed but that all disappeared and was replaced by utter despair. Who would think something like that could knock me to the core? But it did...and now is time to move forward.

My goal of the week was to knit 3 square lace patterns. I did two, hated one and started a new my goal of the week...well, I did one. Insufficient to say the least. However, that is not to say I won't complete my task because I will.

On a positive note, I ventured into a new fabric shop that has recently opened up near me. For me, it was very exciting to see lovely fabrics on display and I even purchased some fabric for myself. I'm in the process of making a pattern, carefully measuring my body to ensure I get a decent cut and correct fitting for myself. Since I hit my forties, I no longer feel I know my body shape like I once did...I wonder if that happens to other women?  I would like you to the fabric shop but she doesn't appear to have a website...but I would recommend it as it has 100% cotton fabric!

My other half has been much, much motivated than me. He's made a frame for blocking his cushion covers and he has been carefully blocking his cushion covers and thinking about taking new pictures of the blocked cushion covers. He had crocheted many more cushion with greys, one with autumn colours and one with rich purples. The stack grows and grows. Some of these really need to be sold. Pictures of our work to follow soon.

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