Sunday, 1 June 2014

Two New Dresses

I'm hoping that the weather will be reasonable enough to wear two new dresses I made this past week.  I can hope.  They are both 100% cotton and from the Stylish Dress Book, one of my Japanese pattern books.  I got the book from Salts Mill and I've made two tops from it last summer.  I made them "large" even though, I'm hardly what I'd call a large person.

First off, the blue flower dress:
Pretty blue flowers
This dress should have been so simple to make but the neckline caused me no end of grief.  I kept getting confused which way to put the pieces and I had to unpick the neckline twice.   The original pattern called for five pleats in front but I opted for a gathered neckline instead.  I'm glad I did.  It hangs much nicer this way.

The second dress is fabric my son picked out.  Its a box style dress.  If I was to make it again, I'd make it a little smaller but live and learn.  Here's a picture of the end result:
It has two pockets on the front as well.
I figure I could actually wear this in slightly cooler weather with some tights and a long sleeve t-shirt underneath.  I'll probably wear this on weekends and when I'm not working.  Remember, stupid dress codes and other people's ideas about what you should and shouldn't wear.  I might be accused of having too much fun in this dress.  Enough of my whining.  Two dresses completed.  Oh how I love time off from work!


  1. Love both these dresses! Haven't tried making the pleated front dress but looks like it works well with a gathered neckline - similar to one of the dresses in Happy Homemade Sew Chic. Great fabric choice for the second dress (your son has a good eye). This is one of my favourite patterns from the Stylish Dress Book series. I usually cut it in a smaller size for the top half then larger/wider across the bottom so it fits my pear-shape!

    1. I used to be more pear shaped when I was younger but with age, the boobs have I have to think about these things now. I'm the same size top and bottom and a size 12...good grief. I'm determined NOT to get larger than this.