Sunday, 30 June 2013

How it began

My other half crochets. I blame myself. Last summer, I decided that it was high time I took the plunge and taught myself how to crochet. I knew how to knit and I knew how to sew. We recently redecorated the bedroom and I wanted to make some cushion covers for the bedroom. We were going on holiday to Filey so it seemed the ideal opportunity to teach myself as I wouldn't have the normal distractions of home life.

The turning point for me wanting to learn how to crochet was my son's blanket in his bedroom. It was (and still is) a beautiful example of Tunisian crochet in warm reds, greens, ochres and creams with a black trim. My parents actually brought for me, thinking he would like it. He does. It lives on his bed.

Example of his latest work.  They measure 14" x 14"

So on this holiday, my other half watched me trying to get my head around crocheting and then he definitely expressed interest in wanting to learn. I taught him the basics and he was off. He has never looked back since. He has made cushion covers for the day bed and the living room sofa, he has made three throws and one huge blanket. He has at least twenty phone socks and numerous tablet covers.  

He feels lost if he doesn't have any yarn...he looks forward to visits to the wool shop. I can say it really is something he enjoys. But if you were to ask him about it, he would just say, “Its something to do with my hands, I like to use my hands.” It does make me laugh when he says this because when he has no yarn, he decidedly lost...

He is currently making some black, grey and white cushion covers. He has some rich deep green yarn for another one and some purple yarn. I give him a week before he runs out of yarn yet again.

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