Saturday, 29 June 2013

Blasts from the Past

When I was a student (first time around), I studied Visual Arts. There were lots of aspects I loved about studying Art and clearly, things I didn't enjoy as much. I discovered that I was happy with the creation of 2D Art, such as painting and drawing. I found sculpture and ceramics were not my strong points. Don't get me started on how I was completely incapable of actually talking about what my work was about! I haven't painted in years, I'm ashamed to say. It is actually my intention to paint again.

I have been talking to my other half about Art from back in the day, when I had free time to paint. I was telling him about a photograph that has managed to survive the various moves in my life. I was telling him about how I actually painted some of these photographs and how my parents had them up in their house in their kitchen and living room for all to see. I was telling them that I doubted that they existed any more and wondered if I had anything to remember them by at all.

Then today, I was talking about my childhood and found three pictures from that period of time of my work! It was like seeing an old friend again. So he has kindly cropped them and enlarged them for you to see. Of course, I still have the same issues I had with back then...I don't like the shadow of the nose on one, the background in some feel “weak” and as usual, I focused a lot on the layers and folds of fabric, less on the features of the faces, etc. I probably am my own worst critic. On a positive note, even though they aren't the best quality, they represent a nice step back in time from my student days. Please remember this is back from the late 1980s and I have no idea what my work would be like now if I did start to paint again.

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