Saturday, 25 January 2014

Winter Blues

I haven't been my normal self lately.  This usually happens in the winter when I go to work in the dark and when I get home, its getting dark.  This winter is no exception and what's worse is the lack of sun.  I am so sick of rain.  I appreciate that they have been having terrible weather in other countries, but the rain in this country gets rather tiresome.

I am looking forward to brighter and sunnier days.  However, with it only being January...that really is a long way off.

On a more positive beat, I've sewn myself another top.  Its in bright greens, creams and browns.  Wonderful shapes, almost like vines and stone staircases combined...or that's what my imagination says to me.  I have some more fabric that is of vines!  I got three metres of it so I'm really debating what to make with it?  A tunic dress, another pleated blouse, maybe combine it with other fabric?  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure:
Green and browns!
I am still knitting my cable yoke cardigan.  I am currently on the yoke itself.  Its taking a while as its a 14 row repeat and I have to do that sixteen times.  Its not the kind of thing I can do while I'm watching telly...well I do, but only if its a programme that doesn't require my full attention.  I don't know where people get this idea about doesn't really pan out for me that well.

I did have several days over the Christmas holidays of knitting and listening to music on 8track.  Is anyone else there? I love that you can create, share and listen to other people's mixes.  I have found some amazing mixes featuring some wonderful Icelandic bands and singers.  Jonsi is just wonderful.

Music is a curious thing.  For me, as I've grown older, my music tastes have mellowed considerably.  I used to be into punk and new wave as a teenager and some trash.  Now that type of music makes me feel edgy, uptight, irritable and just plain uncomfortable.  Yet, surprisingly, I have wonderful memories of that time, of places and of people.  But as for the person I was back then...well, I'm happier now.  I think its been a long journey for me to feel comfortable in my own skin as well. 

Feel free to say hello to me sometime too.  I often wonder what kind of people read my blog.