Friday, 16 May 2014

Mad Hatters

My son is currently doing his GCSE exams as he is in Year 11 at school.  This leaves me very little time these days as life seems to be that cycle of work/home/revision and little else.  I've been helping him by asking him questions from his revision guides and going through past papers with him.  Also, I've been having some very odd dreams lately and waking up feeling slightly unsettled and uneasy.  Fun times indeed.

However, today, I'm not feeling 100%.(Just in need of a decent night's sleep...)  So, everything has been put on the back burner and I have spent time just reading blogs and finding things to inspire me.  As you know, I love the idea of handmade and handcrafted things.  I do like the quirky, the unusual, unique items.  I often feel so confined by work and dress codes and how I'm expected to behave all the time.  I have times when I feel like I'm suffocating by all the formality of daily life.  Which is why I had to share this man with you.

He makes hats.  Wonderful, quirky, unique hats.  You must watch his video on his home page here and yes, feel human again. 

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