Sunday, 27 October 2013

Procrastination and Sewing

Remember me being full of motivation and ideas for my fabric purchases? Well, if you don't...I don't blame you. I'm trying to get over the all talk, no action thing. The fabric sat on the day bed for a month (or two...) gathering dust while I mulled over what to do with it. I would look at it, feel guilty and then flake out on the computer. I'm sure none of you know what I am talking about with that one.

So today, I spent a considerable amount of time going through my various patterns, asking for advice from both my sweetie and my son...getting the fabric out, putting it back down, looking at my patterns again. Finally...I took a deep breath and made a decision. I hope its the right one. Seriously.

Here it is at present, pinned down, ready for cutting. It was a tight squeeze but doable.
Beautiful fabric, lets hope it washes well.

One view of fabric pinned down, ready for the chop
Another view, note things waiting to be pinned.
My biggest worry is how it will fit me. Silly things like: Will it fit me in the shoulders? Will it fit around the expansive hips? Will the buttonholes look crap? I always have issues with fabric that way. Wondering if I was careful enough with the cutting of pieces, doing my tucks and hems...making sure I match things correctly...oh you get the idea. The biggest challenge will be the button holes. I have never done them before on my sewing old one yes...this one no. Thankfully I have enough fabric to test first and get a feel for things. It should be an interesting process. A huge learning curve potentially. Wish me luck.

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