Monday, 27 May 2013

An Introduction

My reasons for starting this blog are many. I'm a great supporter of art and crafts. I believe art is fully entwined with crafts. I want people that craft and create art to be fully appreciated for their talents, skills and their contributions to society. We live in a society where so much of what is produced out there is mass produced, cheaply made and even worse, cheaply sourced at the expense of human lives. What ever happened to taking pride in your own work? Does everything have to be made overseas?

I have never been a follower of fashion. I preferred my own sense of style. I also believe in quality over quantity of clothes. My original background was in Visual Arts. I used to love to paint and draw. I learnt how to sew at a young age. You would think with such a background, I would be a more creative person. This is not true. Real life got in the way. Well, that is until recently.

I live with my other half. He is a “man who does” according to one of my friends. This is the most accurate description of him. He does not define himself by gender roles. He stays at home, he cleans and cooks. Most importantly, he crochets cushion covers, throws, phone socks and blankets. He likes to do something with his hands. He does not do elaborate designs, just simple stitches but with such precision and beautiful colours. To me, they are beautiful. He is another reason I am starting this blog. I want to document his work.

I knit. Not for anyone, but myself. I'm too slow, I work full-time and I am exhausted some days. If this was for someone, they would be disappointed by the length of time it would take to receive a finished project. I would like to be more productive. This is my other reason for starting this blog. To push myself further, yet again. I'm hoping for some inspiration to paint and draw again.

This blog might have politics in it, especially if it relates to the craft world. The government has recently proposed that crafts are reclassified as “non-creative”. I find this unbelievable. I have no words.  Want to know more, click here 

I hope to interview crafts people and artists and give them an opportunity to put their points of view across as well. I think its important to share their skills, their creativity and their contributions to society. These are my aims for my new blog.

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